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Sole instructor Phil Wells qualified as an approved driving instructor in 1990 & set up Wells School of Motoring in 1991

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"Phil Wells is a fantastic and very professional driving instructor, I feel very comfortable and safe when driving. I would not hesitate to recommend him. Many thanks Phil for giving me the confidence I needed to pass my driving test first time, you made learning to drive fun"
Sam, Lancing
"Learning to drive with Phil was a valuable and worthwhile experience; a real investment for my future - the return, becoming a safe, competent driver. Overseeing my transformation from learning the basics on Shoreham Beach, to driving and reaching the test standard - Phil knew exactly when to put me in for my test meaning that when the day came, I was prepared. Managing to pass my practical driving test without any minor faults, an achievement that has to go down to Phil constantly pushing me to improve and better my driving. I can certainly recommend Wells School of Motoring to anyone wishing to learn to drive. Phil taught me how to drive, not how to pass the test, this has proven valuable since passing and given me confidence in my driving. Many thanks to Phil, I shall be recommending you to both family and friends for years to come"
Stuart, Lancing 2015
Pupil with Special needs
"Learning to drive has been a life changing experience for me and a skill I now could not be without! A family friend suggested Wells School of Motoring to me as a relative of hers had also learnt with Phil years ago. Right from my first lesson, Phil put me at ease with his calm, patient and professional attitude to build up my practical driving skills. After help from Phil and some Apps I had on my phone, plus a couple of mock tests, I then passed the Theory test at the first attempt. I was determined to learn in a manual car and that is what I set out to do. I was not going to give in to the difficulties in the early stages I had been facing up to that point. Gradually my driving started to improve and then with help as well from extra practice with my parents, I felt I was making good progress including the manoeuvres. A couple of months later Phil carried out three mock tests and suggested I book my practical test. Phil made sure I knew the "show me - tell me" questions as well. The day of the test came and I passed with seven driving faults on my first attempt. I have since carried out with Phil the Pass Plus course which has prepared me for driving on the motorway in the future. Phil never judged me as he understood my needs fully. His punctuality and professional attitude is second to none and I would highly recommend him to anyone looking to learnt to drive. Thank you so much Phil for helping me to learn to drive"
Name withdrawn at pupils request
"My learning experience to drive with Phil was exceptional. He had a well written up plan and was always organised and also up to date with what you needed to work on and would make sure that you drove to the best standard you possibly could. He is friendly, encouraging, easy to get along with, it was a pleasure to have him as an instructor. After each lesson you would really feel as though you had made a large amount of progress! Thank you Phil for an enjoyable experience!
Luke White
"Learning to drive with Phil was not only enjoyable but relaxing. Phil is a very calm and reliable instructor, never late for lessons and always able to negotiate different lesson times etc. I thoroughly enjoyed learning to drive with Phil and loved driving the Renault Clio he uses for lessons. Although I had not had a bad driving experience with a previous instructor, Phil managed to help me get back on track. After only a few months of practice with him I passed my driving test first time with only 5 minor mistakes. On the lead up to my test Phil was a great help, calming the nerves and helping me to memorise the "show me tell me" questions ready for the day. I would recommend Phil to anyone as an extremely good driving instructor. I would like to thank him once again for all his help"
Robyn Mummery - Lancing
"Phil is a brilliant instructor who is very encouraging and always wants you to do the best to your ability. I passed first time with no minor faults and this was all down to Phil being a brilliant instructor who knows what he is doing. Phil is very reliable and was always making sure he could fit my driving lessons around my college and work hours which was fantastic. Phil also helped me a lot with my theory and gave me a mock test so I was ready for my theory. I would recommend Wells School of Motoring to anyone who wants to learn to drive"
Sophie Cole - Lancing
"Just wanted to thank you for being a fantastic teacher and helping me to achieve in my driving tests. I appreciated your consistent organisation, professionalism and the high expectations you had for me - these all enabled me to do better than I could of hoped! Thanks for being so patient and for caring about my progress, not just practically but also with the theory. It all paid off in the end!"
Lavinia McHugh - Lancing
"We wanted to thank you very much for the excellent job you have done enabling both Verity and Maria to pass their driving test first time. They are both thrilled to have achieved this. Both girls have been taught to a very high standard and your reliability and punctuality is a credit to your business. We would have no hesitation in recommending you to any of our friends in the future"
Simon and Hilary Jackson
" I passed my driving test first time with only 4 driving faults. Phil was very calm and was very helpful. He also helps you with the theory as well as the practical, which is very helpful. I'm glad I chose Wells School of Motoring and would recommend him to anyone"
Charlie - Lancing
"When I  first began learning to drive, I was not expecting to enjoy it. However, after my first lesson with Phil I was looking forward to the next one. Although I was not a natural at driving, Phil always encouraged me and paced lessons at my own rate. He provided me with a lot of assistance with the theory questions and provided practice papers, as a consequence of which I gained 50/50 in the theory test. The theory was always taught alongside the practical skills so as to put it into context. Phil was always on time for my lesson and was always flexible with lesson timings, arranging them to fit in with my college hours. By the time my test came around I felt fully prepared for both the practical and the show/tell me questions. I passed first time with only one minor fault. I fell very grateful towards Phil as I believe he has equipped me to be a safe and considerate driver for life. Many of my friends have remarked on what a safe driver I have become!"
Verity - Shoreham
"Phil is calm, patient and very reliable. He didn't push me to take the test until I was happy to do so. I was advised as to what reading material I needed in preparation for the theory and practical tests. I was able to do mock tests for both parts, which put me at ease for the tests. As a result, I passed both at the first attempt. Thanks Phil for all your help"
Rachel - North Lancing
"Whilst learning to drive with Wells school of motoring, I was fully supported by Phil my instructor, who has a very in depth knowledge of motoring and The Highway Code, and this was well reflected in the level of tuition. I successfully passed my driving test first time without any faults at all, and Phil was the biggest part of my success. His help and support with information and teaching gave me the knowledge to pass both tests when I was ready for them. Phil was always on time and never let me down, which showed that he takes both his job and my education seriously. The tuition vehicle I used was a very smart Renault Clio that was always clean, reliable and very easy to drive"
Tom - Lancing
"My experience of learning with Wells school of motoring was very thorough and very professional. Every lesson was valuable, and I feel that I learned how to be a safe driver for life, (even had a memorable lesson driving in the snow) as well as passing the test first time with three faults. Phil was always on time, a very friendly and calm instructor making it easier to learn without being nervous. I always got my hour's worth of money, and as I was helped with the theory and show me tell me part of the test, I felt confident when it came to the tests. Overall, Phil provides a very thorough and efficient education of driving, making it safe for the learner and others on the road, and providing great results"
Leanne - Worthing
"Learning to drive with Phil was very enjoyable, and gave me a great start to driving. Phil was an extremely reliable instructor and was always on time and fully prepared for every lesson. Feedback during and after each lesson enabled me to focus on the improvements I needed to make to become a safe driver. Regular help was provided to guide me through the theory test, so I was able to not only pass at the first attempt but also to put it into practice with my driving lessons. I achieved a very high score in both the theory and hazard perception test and Phil made sure I was ready for the practical test after doing a couple of mock tests, which made me feel a bit calmer"
Phil B - North Lancing
"I passed my driving test first time with Phil and with only three minor mistakes! He is very friendly, patient and encouraging. He made me feel at ease from day one. We did lots of mock practical tests and he helped me pass the theory test too. He is reliable and teaches to a high standard. He even gave me tips on how to look after my car. I would definitely recommend lessons with Phil. My sister cannot wait to start when she is old enough ... "
Rebecca (aged 18) -  Shoreham
"Mr Wells was always punctual and gave a full hours lesson. When I came to my test he put me at ease and did not rush me, this enabled me to control my nerves which had let me down several times before with other instructors. I also did Pass Plus with Mr Wells who again was punctual and puts you at ease and explains things very well, as always ... "
Mark (aged 25) - Shoreham
"Wells School of Motoring certainly put me on the fast track to success in passing my theory and driving test. Previous to meeting Phil I had used other driving schools and was not getting anywhere with my theory or driving confidence. Due to Phil's "switched on" and professional attitude towards driving I soon found my confidence. The training vehicle used was also more responsive and easier to drive than past vehicles I had used. At the end of every lesson I felt that I was getting better and I passed my theory first time and the driving test with just five minor faults .... "
G.B.  - Steyning
"4 children - 4 first time passes in both the theory and practical tests all with flying colours over a 13 year period ... a fantastic record! A credit to Phil's dedication and teaching skills .. "
Jacqueline-  Patching
"Phil was a very patient and helpful driving instructor. He was always willing to go that step further to help me improve and this was reflected in a first time pass without any faults ...."
Joe -  Portslade
"Being a Thai national that had only lived in the UK for a year, learning to drive was quite scary for me but after a few lessons with Phil, I felt much more confident about my driving. Phil is a great teacher, not only helping with my driving skills but also making sure I was 100% ready for my theory test. I passed my test with only one minor fault and scored 50 out of 50 on my theory test; both on the first attempt. I would highly recommend Phil to anybody that is wishing to learn to drive .... "
Kularb - Lancing
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